About Us

Some people might know me as '1khour', some as 'Lead' or some may not know me at all. I have been in the CPA game for about 7-8 years now, and due to a change in my career path I am quitting the scene and sharing my knowledge in this platform. The 100% free courses will contain the following (and more):

  • Introduction to CPA marketing
  • Setting up your first website (including free templates)
  • Both free and paid traffic methods
  • ROI optimization

All courses within CPATeacher are made while keeping the beginners in mind to make it 100% beginner friendly. A couple of my achievements are:

  • $6,872.10 in a single day through YouTube ads. (600-700% ROI) - image
  • $267.63 in a single day through SEO. (100% profit)
  • $443.72 in a single day with YouTube video ranking. (98% profit) - image

Testimonials by my previous Students